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I'm a successful Creative Director, User Experience Specialist, and Persuasive Designer that has created everything from games and apps, to websites, digital campaigns, and back. My career has spanned large agencies to influential startups, allowing me to work with thought leaders, cutting edge companies, and titans of industry on both sides of the Atlantic.

The Complete Package

As a passionate leader and conceptual creator, I have successfully directed teams of designers, creatives, and developers to craft the most impactful experiences possible. Whether pitching concepts to connect people through social dynamics, defining design patterns across multiple platforms, or developing games that motivate change; my extensive experience has made me extremely knowledgeable in the art of engagement.

User Experience Specialist

Behavioral Research, User Centered Design, Information Architecture, Interaction Design.

Jesse Spink is a user experience specialist.

I’m a designer through and through that thrives on every obsessive detail of a product, from the preliminary research that defines it, to the architecture and interactions that bring it to life.

I prefer form to follow function, and functionality to be grounded in research that matters. I’ve worked with industry leading behaviorists and fortune 500 companies to conceive and design revolutionary digital products, developed a world class user experience team from the ground up, and developed lean, user centered processes that formed a company’s entire UX offering.

Pixel Perfectionist

Art Direction, Visual Design, Interface Design.

British Airways: London Happening
Milk: Milk vs. Cats
CBC: Geologic Journey 2
Fluevog: 40th Anniversary
Hyundai UK: Corporate Wesbite
Coca-Cola: Coke Zone

I love nothing more than big concepts brought to life in pixel perfection. I'm a digital native that isn't much for print, but if you want a high-impact experience delivered through an OS specific interface, or a beautifully responsive cross-platform design, I can do that with fervor all day.

Persuasive Designer with Cred

Wearables, Behavioral Economics, Gamification & Game Design.

Jesse Spink designs biometric games.

I've spent a significant portion of my career delving into the psychology of why we do what we do and discovered ways to motivate people to do that little bit more. I've used wearable technology to promote healthy weight loss in adults, designed a biometric game that increased children's activity by 20%, and overseen games that change the way we think about medicine and technology. The application of game mechanics to user behavior is what I've become expert in, and has quickly become my superpower as a designer.

And a Portfolio to Prove It

This is a selection of projects that I like to speak about the most. It’s a purposeful mix that spans my career to date, demonstrating the breadth of my skills and the beauty in all that I devise, conceptualize and create. I hope you like what you see.

Coke Zone
Coca-Cola: Coke Zone Microsite
British Airways - London Happening
British Airways: London Happening
Never Stop Milk.
Never Stop. Milk.: Milk vs. Cats
Fluevog: 40th Anniversary Microsite
Fluevog Shoes: 40th Anniversary Microsite
CBC: Geologic Journey II
CBC: Geologic Journey II
Müller Corners Microsite
Müller Dairy: Corners Microsite
Monster Manor
MobileKids: Monster Manor
Play on Words
Biomarin: What's the Word?
Type 2 Travellers
Undisclosed: Type 2 Travellers
Hyundai UK Corporate Website
Hyundai UK: Corporate Website
Cow & Gate Microsite
Cow & Gate: Brand Planning
Picture It!
Undisclosed: Picture It!
Armada Skis Corporate Website
Armada Skis: Corporate Website
Hyperlite Corporate Website
Hyperlite: Corporate Website
CTV Hiccups Facebook Game
CTV: Hiccups Facebook Game
University of Whistler Blackcomb
Whistler Blackcomb: UWB
HO Sports Corporate Website
HO Sports: Corporate Website
Mystery Skateboards Corporate Website
Mystery Skateboards: Corporate Website
Undisclosed: Siege
Career Explorers Game
Work BC: Career Explorers
Diabesties Biometric Social App
Sanofi: Diabesties
Black Box Distribution Corporate Website
Blackbox: Corporate Website
Rough Trade Records Album Club
Rough Trade Records: Album Club
Steel MX Corporate Website
SteelMX: Retail Website
Von Zipper - Interactive Product Display
Von Zipper: 360 Product Displays
Forum Snowboards - Interactive Product Display
Forum Snowboards: 360 Product Displays
Nike 6.0 - Interactive Product Display
Nike 6.0: 360 Product Displays

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